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The result of the collaboration between Indipendente Studio and Volocopter, Voloconnect represent the perfect mix between design, engineering and aerodynamic. If Volocopter mission to take mobility to the next level, the VoloConnect is going the extra mile. Quite literally.

Indipendente Studio is a selected network
of professionals with experience
in different fields like:

︎︎︎3D Modeling 
︎︎︎Virtual Reality

With our experience we can provide a full range of services like: concept ideas, sketches, surface 3d modeling (from C class to A class Automotive Surfaces), poligonal modeling, visualization and renderings.

Our flexibility can give our clients the opportunity to choose the best solution for their projects in terms of timeline and professional characteristichs, giving the adding value of a multitasking and multiexperienced team, which can bring innovation through other fields.



︎︎︎  Volocity   


From sketch to reality. Shaping the future of urban air mobility is a long process, that needs creativity, discipline and a great teamwork.
The design process was based highly on virtual visualization technologyes and 3d modeling.

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