In this video, Volocopter gives the first glimpse of this innovative eVTOL design and solution to expand Volocopter’s urban air mobility ecosystem within cities and beyond. To complement our VoloCity and VoloDrone, Voloregion will provide greater mobility for longer routes in a safe, seamless, and sustainable way.


 Aeronautical Design & Concept 


The result of the collaboration between Indipendente Studio and Volocopter, Voloregion represent the perfect mix between design, engineering and aerodynamic. In Volocopter mission to take mobility to the next level, the Voloregion is going the extra mile. Quite literally.



Volocopter newest eVTOL aircraft is designed to work as an extension of VoloCity urban air taxi services. It will connect the city and suburbs in one swift, smooth, and emission-free flight, taking the urban air experience even further.

Voloregion is designed giving continuity to the “Flying V”, the brand identity created on purpuse for Volocopter. Since the first sketches the aim was to give a clean, safe and modern look to this vehicle, putting it into the volocopter product/brand identity.


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